Whoa! My new record—Strange New Town—is out and about.

The record offers my renditions of 13 songs from the early decades of the twentieth century—The Carter Family’s “Hello Stranger,” Uncle Dave Macon’s “Down the Old Plank Road,” Mississippi John Hurt’s “Pay Day,” and many more (ten more to be precise). Heard here and there on the CD are Bill Foss on bass, John Gawler on banjo, Reinhardt Melz on drums, George Penk on fiddle, Rob Birdwell on trumpet, Fred Berman on sax, Tom Bruch on trombone, Claire Lindsay on vocals, Deborah Lindsay on percussion, Sophia Pratt on vocals, Gary Nolde on drums, Brian Bucolo on drums, Dave Plaehn on harmonica, Dan Scollard on bass, Kenny Lindseyon piano, and many more.

It will be available on CD Baby and iTunes in early October. If you’d like to purchase through me (preferred method), please email me at creighton.lindsay@gmail.com with the subject heading “CD Order,” and I will get back with the procedure—which will run you exactly $18 per CD, including shipping. Look out!